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Putting Things Right

Quarries and pits are a temporary land use. When aggregate extraction is completed in each section of a pit or quarry, the site is rehabilitated for one of a wide range of end uses: wildlife habitats, wetlands, recreational parks, forestry or agricultural lands. The rehabilitation is carefully planned: the land is shaped to support the end use and prevent erosion, and the original topsoil is replaced.

Some of the best-known natural landmarks in Ontario used to be quarries or pits, including more than 70 rehabilitated sites within the city of Toronto alone.

Rehabilitated Quarries & Pits

This section of the site highlights 12 of the 18 Bronze Plaque Award winners. The Bronze Plaque Award is given to those sites that demonstrate rehabilitation compatible with the surrounding landscape, outstanding site design & rehabilitation, and outstanding ongoing site management.

Click the link to view a sampling of rehabilitated quarries and pits. - Guelph Arboretum