Specification Alert

February 6, 2019 at 3:18 PM

Please be advised that there have been changes made to Aggregate Specifications for OPSS 1002, April 2018.

This revised specification has been included in several MTO tender documents recently, most notably MTO Contract #2018-2024, Hwy 400 & Hwy 89 Interchange, Closing Feb. 14, 2019 and has raised concerns with many suppliers.

Please familiarize yourselves with these changes and in particular the following items. The amended Standard:

  • Changes the price payment adjustment for aggregate materials that do not conform to the specification requirements from a maximum penalty of $10/m3 to a penalty of 5% of the contractors tendered unit price of the element for each cubic metre of the concrete left in the work.
  • Requires a minimum 1,000 tonne stockpile of all aggregate materials.
  • Requires that these stockpiles be located at the construction site or the site of batching for the concrete (unless approval is provided by the Contract Administrator for another location).
  • Requires that the aggregate be retained in stockpiles for at least 24 hours before use.

It should be noted that all MTO contracts beginning with #2018 and tendered after April 2018 will be using this amended specification.

It is recommended that all members review the specifications, with their customers, on all portions of MTO projects including both Ready-Mix and Asphalt Mix requirements.