RFP Opportunity for Hydro-One

July 18, 2017 at 1:02 PM

Hydro One Networks Inc. and its affiliates (“Hydro One”) are preparing to release a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) on or around August 1, 2017 for two categories of Construction Materials.

The materials in scope for this RFP are:

  1. Supply and delivery of Ready-Mix Concrete;
  2. Supply and delivery of Aggregate, Sand, and Topsoil

Hydro One’s intent is to select (at Hydro One’s discretion) a set of preferred suppliers who have experience in providing reliable, high quality Concrete and Aggregate at competitive rates. Hydro One will ask suppliers to provide information about all applicable pits, quarries, and concrete mixing sites that are owned, operated, partnered with, or subcontracted by the supplier in Ontario. As such, the requested information may include: physical location (longitude & latitude), available materials, base price for materials, shipping rates per metric tonne-kilometer or cubic meter, shut-down dates, and approximate output volumes per site.

Click below for the Hydro-One Pre-Notification of Release of RFP: Supply of Concrete and Aggregate.