A Primer on Hearing Protection July 5, 2017
One form of controlling noise hazards is through the proper use of hearing protection devices (HPDs). Hearing protectors should be provided when engineering controls cannot be implemented or while such controls are being initiated.
Community Relations Award – Lafarge Canada Inc. July 5, 2017
Caledon Pit takes community relations to heart both on- and off-site. On the site, noise, dust and safety mitigation equipment and practices help minimize the effects of its operations on neighbours. Off-site, staff are familiar faces at community events.
MNRF Will Not Increase Aggregate Fees and Royalties on July 1, 2017 June 16, 2017
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has issued a notice to all licence holders under the ARA with respect to aggregate fee and royalty increases that were proposed to begin July 1, 2017.
Bank Swallow Research at Pits and Quarries in Eastern Ontario June 15, 2017
Nature Canada is seeking industry participation in their bank swallow monitoring project.
Growth Plan Review June 14, 2017
On May 18, 2017, the Province of Ontario released the new Growth Plan, Greenbelt Plan, Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan and Niagara Escarpment Plan. However, there are also some major changes that are of concern to OSSGA.
Amendments to the Species at Risk in Ontario List June 13, 2017
Effective June 13, 2017 amendments will be made to Ontario Regulation 238/08. Changes to the SARO list include five new endangered species, one new threatened species, one new special concern species, and one species removed from the list.
Environmental Achievement Award - Dufferin Aggregates June 5, 2017
Milton Quarry's commitment to environmental stewardship and continuous improvement was on full display in 2016.
Government Releases Bill 139 to Replace OMB June 1, 2017
Significant changes coming to the planning process in Ontario.
Axle Weight Pilot Project Now Running June 1, 2017
The objective of the pilot project is to develop a database that will help standardize the way allowable gross weights and axle weights are collected, stored and used for compliance.
OSSGA Releases Environmental Legal Register May 24, 2017
OSSGA has developed an environmental legal register to help our members maintain compliance with federal and provincial environmental legal requirements (legislation, regulations, standards and guidelines) that impact the operation of pits and quarries in Ontario.

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Growth Plan Review

June 14, 2017 at 10:52 AM

On May 18, 2017, the Province of Ontario released the new Growth Plan, Greenbelt Plan, Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan and Niagara Escarpment Plan. As a result of OSSGA’s submissions and meetings with government, there have been some positive revisions to the draft plans that had been released for consultation in 2016. However, there are also some major changes that are of concern to OSSGA and that will impact the long term growth potential of the industry.


In the big picture, the new Growth Plan introduces a new policy regime for new or expanded mineral aggregate operations within the Greater Golden Horseshoe. This represents a major change that will affect producers that own lands outside of the existing provincial plan areas. This will cover the majority of southern Ontario and should affect a considerable number of producers. There are new natural heritage policies in the Growth Plan that will make licensing lands in southern Ontario significantly more difficult.


There are also changes to development in the habitat of endangered species, which is inconsistent between plans, and the inclusion of Agricultural Impact Assessments in some plans. It is possible that in the Growth Plan there will not be the opportunity to obtain an ESA permit, and that all habitat of endangered species will be off limits for aggregate extraction. OSSGA is seeking clarification on how the new ESA rules in the Growth Plan will be interpreted.


Implementation of the plans occurs in short order - The Niagara Escarpment Plan (2017) will come into effect on June 1, 2017. The Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (2017), the Greenbelt Plan (2017), the Greenbelt Boundary Regulation and the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan (2017) will come into effect on July 1, 2017. Once in effect, all decisions on planning matters must conform or not conflict with the four plans.

If you have any questions please contact Mike Scott at mscott@ossga.com

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