2019 OSSGA Advertising Campaign

OSSGA’s 2019 advertising campaign is set to launch in the GTA in the coming weeks! 

The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness of what aggregate is used for, and the contribution that aggregate makes to the Ontario economy.  Research conducted by Ipsos last year taught us that by increasing awareness of the importance and everyday use of aggregate first, we stand a better chance of building trust.  The GTA market had the least awareness of aggregate, which is why we have honed in on that audience this year.  Once the awareness message gains traction – we can start to talk about the rehabilitation work that we do and drive home the message that aggregate is not forever.

Here are some examples of the advertising that we have on websites, buses and bus shelters.

If you are interested in having any of these components on your website, please contact Sharon at sarmstrong@ossga.com.  

Short OSSGA Ad which will appear on youtube, Facebook and Instagram

OSSGA Elevator Ad

This ad is being displayed in elevators in the downtown core of Toronto.

Digital Ads for websites and mobile devices




Member Advertising Resource Order Form

Order your OSSGA advertising campaign signage here:

There are two campaigns to choose from. The first is a simple message that talks about what we build: roads, schools, houses.

The second campaign has been designed to help tackle some of the myths that producers deal with every day.  This Fact or Fiction approach looks at the environment, species at risk, water, close to market and more.

Below is an order form for some of the typical installations.  If these configurations don't work for you -- please call Sharon Armstrong at 647 727 8775 (or sarmstrong@ossga.com) and we can work together to customize a solution that is right for your property, trucks, or newsletters.

Truck Signage

Standard truck signage is available in a 37" x 245" format; custom orders are possible.

Cost to print and install two sides is approximately $2,000 per truck.  Price will vary depending on size modifications, whether the side of the truck is ribbed, the number of trucks and availability for installation.

The material is a non-fade outdoor vinyl with a gloss laminate.  Can be removed by operator at end of life.

Property Roadway Signs

47" x 68" (approximately 4' x 6') roadway sign posters are designed to be installed by operators on their properties, for viewing by oncoming traffic.

Cost is approximately $1,000 per sign including installation using 2 x 12 foot posts that would be drilled into the ground 3 feet and be secured in concrete sonotubes.  The sign is then attached to the posts with the bottom of the sign being approximately 3 feet above ground level.

If operators would like to handle their own installations, signs could be delivered flat to their location at a cost of $500 per sign.

Thank you!  Sharon Armstrong will follow up with you to confirm your requirements.