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Industry Recognition Awards Program

The OSSGA  Industry Recognition Awards Program recognizes a wide range of activities that contribute to a progressive image of our member aggregate producers and the aggregate industry as a whole.  A key goal is to raise the bar in the industry by highlighting operations that go above and beyond what is required by legislation.

Each of the awards is described briefly below, and members are invited to download a copy of OSSGA Industry Recognition Awards Program Guide for full details of submission requirements.

Need some inspiration?  Look no further than the 2017 OSSGA Industry Recognition and Student Design Award winners!

Submissions are due November 3rd, 2018
, or at any time of year for the Bronze Plaque.  We are also asking for submissions to be posted to the website.  A password is being distributed through an email broadcast to previous applicants and to the the ARs.  If you need the password, please contact Eva Da Silva or Sharon Armstrong.

Please contact Ashlee Zelek for more information.

Bronze Plaque

Established in 1975, the Bronze Plaque is the most prestigious award given by OSSGA and is reserved for sites that are truly outstanding examples of rehabilitation of pits and quarries in Ontario.  Any member of the public can submit an award application for consideration.

Click here for a gallery of previous winners

Members are invited to click here for submission criteria

Members of the the public who are interested in putting forward a nomination for the Bronze Plaque are asked to contact Ashlee Zelek.

The Award of Excellence

The most commonly sought after awards include those described in the next three sections below: Community Relations, Progressive Rehabilitation and Property Enhancement.  A site that receives all three of these awards is eligible to receive the OSSGA Award of Excellence.  This award is reserved for the most dedicated of operators, those who have consistently demonstrated not only exceptional operations, but also the desire to work closely with all stakeholders to build communities from the ground up.

The OSSGA Award of Excellence recognizes member operators' past and ongoing commitment to industry improvement.  The award is given to operators whose individual operations have previously been awarded OSSGA's Property Enhancement Award (including the plaque and all seven gold bars), the Progressive Rehabilitation Award, and the Community Relations Award.

Click here for submission criteria

Community Relations Award

This award is designed to recognize community relations efforts. The award is based on four (4) criteria: 

  1. Being a Good Neighbour
  2. Community Involvement
  3. Media Relations
  4. Community Education 
This award is one of the requirements for the OSSGA Award of Excellence.

Click here for submission criteria

Property Enhancement Award

This award recognizes ongoing site improvements in seven sections:

  1. Entrance Approach and Perimeter Screening
  2. Office and Scale House Areas
  3. Employee Areas
  4. Plant Appearance
  5. Environmental Controls
  6. Trucks and Mobile Equipment
  7. Communicative Signage 

A plaque is awarded to a site that initially meets the minimum requirements in each section. There are seven gold bars that can be added to the plaque as all the criteria for each section are met. Once the initial plaque has been awarded, completion of the section criteria can be accomplished over a number of years. The award is a pre-requisite for the OSSGA Award of Excellence.

Click here for submission criteria

Progressive Rehabilitation and Judges' Choice Award

This award recognizes ongoing progressive rehabilitation at a site in accordance to the original site plans and operational designs. This award is a pre-requisite for the OSSGA Award of Excellence.

New this year, OSSGA is introducing the Judges' Choice Award to be given to the best example(s) of progressive rehabilitation from among all the applications.

Click here to download submission criteria

Outstanding Achievement in Property Rehabilitation Award

This award recognizes final rehabilitation. A panel of government and agency experts reviews award submissions.

Click here for submission criteria

Environmental Achievement Award

The Environmental Achievement Award recognizes the efforts of individual operators who have proactively and successfully developed and implemented industry-leading policies, programs or projects that protect and/or improve the environment.

For the purposes of this award, environment refers to natural heritage including: air, land, water, flora and fauna and ecological systems.

2016 Environmental Achievement Award Recipients

Dufferin Aggregrates - Milton Quarry

Nelson Aggregate Co. - Waynco Pit


Click here for submission criteria


Biodiversity Award

The Biodiversity Award recognizes industry leaders who go well beyond the standard practices and typical activities undertaken by members of the industry to conserve biodiversity.  Eligible entries will include industry-leading policies, programs or projects that align with the goals of Ontario's Biodiversity Strategy, 2011.

Click here for submission criteria

Associate Member of the Year Award

The Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association has established an Associate Member of the Year Award to recognize the efforts of associate members who advise, supply and support aggregate producers, maintaining productive relationships with those producers and the communities in which they operate. These associate members play an important role in shaping the image of the aggregate industry in Ontario.

Aggregate producers cannot operate in a vacuum. They rely on associate members for planning, blasting, heavy equipment, engineering expertise and more. Our association is fortunate to have a great assortment of associate members who are able to provide strong support to our industry.

The Associate Member of the Year Award is intended to recognize one person employed by an associate member company which, during the course of the year has shown active involvement and dedication to the aggregate industry in Ontario and to OSSGA. 

Nominations for this award may be submitted by any active member of OSSGA, and must detail the way(s) in which the nominee company is deserving of the award.

Nominate an associate member for this award here.