Axle Weight Pilot Project Finished August 26, 2019
The objective of the pilot project was to develop a database that will help standardize the way allowable gross weights and axle weights are collected, stored and used for compliance.
TEMPLATE Letter for Members to Use to Submit Responses to ERO Posting on Growth Plan February 13, 2019
The government has submitted a proposal to make Modifications to O. Reg. 311/06 (Transitional Matters - Growth Plans) made under the Places to Grow Act, 2005 to implement the Proposed Amendment to the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, 2017. OSSGA has made the point to the government that the current policy framework is not working. Approvals for new mineral aggregate operations in Southern Ontario are taking up to 10 years to complete the process. There are too many overlapping policies and inconsistent approaches between the Provincial Plans, Regional Official Plans, Local Official Plans and Conservation Authority policies regarding the management of this essential non-renewable resource.
Specification Alert February 6, 2019
Please be advised that there have been changes made to Aggregate Specifications for OPSS 1002, April 2018. This revised specification has been included in several MTO tender documents recently, most notably MTO Contract #2018-2024, Hwy 400 & Hwy 89 Interchange, Closing Feb. 14, 2019 and has raised concerns with many suppliers.
Avenues Winter 2019 Issue Now Available! February 5, 2019
The newest Winter 2019 issue of Avenues Magazine is now available online!

Government Releases Bill 139 to Replace OMB

June 1, 2017 at 1:00 PM

Earlier this week, the province tabled Bill 139 in the legislature – the Building Better Communities and Conserving Watersheds Act, 2017 – as part of the review of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).  Bill 139 will make significant changes to the planning system in the province and replace the OMB with the “Local Planning Appeal Tribunal”.  It also seeks to make other major changes that will affect how license hearings are conducted and how aggregate policy is implemented.

OSSGA has submitted numerous comments to the government on the OMB review as it has moved through the consultation process over the past few years, including a submission in December 2016 where we commented on many of the proposed the changes that have now been announced in Bill 139.  OSSGA’s Land Use committee will meet next week to discuss the legislation and will begin to prepare our comments and suggested changes.

If passed as proposed, Bill 139 will:

  • Give more weight to local and provincial decisions. It is proposed that major land use planning matters could only be appealed on the grounds that they don’t conform or aren’t consistent with provincial/municipal plans/policies.
  • Bring fewer municipal and provincial decisions before the Tribunal, eliminating appeals of provincially approved municipal official plans and major updates. Municipal interim control by-laws, when first put in place would not be appealable, and applications to change new secondary (neighbourhood) plans would only be allowed within the first two years if the municipality supported them.
  • Make it clear that the Tribunal can only deal with official plan policies that are part of the municipal council’s decision.
  • Remove the ability for anyone to require the Minister of Municipal Affairs to refer a minister’s zoning order to the Tribunal.
  • Expand the authority of local appeal bodies to hear matters related to site plan control, which deals with disputes on individual properties such as things like landscaping, driveways or lighting.
  • Give planning authorities more time to assess planning applications by extending the decision timelines by 30 days in relation to official plans and zoning by-laws.
  • Require the Tribunal to send new material back to the municipality for re-evaluation when adjudicating subdivision appeals if the municipality requests the material be returned.
  • Clarify that policy statements, like the Provincial Policy Statement, may identify matters that require specific provincial approvals for any of the matters provided for in the policy statement.
  • Require that all municipalities to include climate change policies in their official plans.
  • Comments on the proposed legislation are due August 14, 2017. We encourage all members to review the Bill and to submit comments directly. Once OSSGA’s position has been prepared we will ensure that you have a copy so as to assist you in the preparation of your own remarks.

For more information and background on the Bill you may visit:

Comments on the proposed Bill can be made through (EBR Posting Number: 013-0590) or by email to

Finally, Bill 139 proposes amendments to the Conservation Authorities Act which MNRF is leading – please visit EBR Posting Number: 013-0561.