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Stone, Sand & Gravel: The Hole Story

As you travel through Ontario you've likely passed an operating quarry or gravel pit without even knowing it; there may even be one in your community. Some people think that pits and quarries are unnecessary. But stone, sand and gravel are vital to our daily lives.

Every Ontarian Uses 14 Tonnes of Stone, Sand & Gravel Each Year.

Why not produce less?

Our industry only produces as much stone, sand and gravel (also known as “aggregate”) as the market demands. In fact, we're using aggregate faster than we can develop available supplies for the future. The projected consumption of stone, sand and gravel in Ontario for the next 25 years is 4 billion tonnes – and the majority of it is for public infrastructure.

Where Does it All Go?

From highways to toothpaste: stone, sand and gravel are used in more ways then you realize.

If Not Here, Then Where?

Not in my backyard? See the impact of locating a pit or quarry further from home.

Return to Nature

Discover what happens to a quarry or pit site during and after extraction.

Stone, Sand & Gravel Primer

Dicover the basic facts about the stone, sand and gravel industry.